Member of the +44 (0) 1258 821108 +44 (0) 7989 386591 “ For the keen fishermen in our lives, Fishy Tales cover the diverse and  absorbing hobby in most of it's forms, from the obsessive angler to the  patient fly fisherman. Whether it's beside a lake, river or open seas  fishing is one of our most popular sporting hobbies. Both thoughtful  and humorous, Fishy Tales will lure plenty attention from those who  enjoy their fridges full of bait but discover their catch of day  cellowrapped at the local supermarket! “ Card Dimensions 15cm x 15cm, gloss finished and supplied with a quality colour matched envelope. Blank inside. All cards are individually cello wrapped ready to be sold separately. Price Code: JJ £2.36 - £2.55 retail inc VAT Code: FT01 Code: FT02 Code: FT03 Code: FT04 Code: FT05 Code: FT06 Code: FT07 Code: FT08 Code: FT09 Code: FT10 Design Ranges Code: FT11 Code: FT12 Follow us on Facebook